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We can work together as the story grows, and you can pick your own pace and pay as you go. Becoming a SF writer has its challenges. And there are numerous steps to writing a fantasy book. Click here to find out more on my exclusive Write As We Go program to help you in becoming an author.

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SF/Fantasy editing is my specialty! We can work together from your story's inception (plot plan, characterization, world building), or I can plunge right into editing the chapters or book that you've already written. Email me to tell me how I can help!

Below are a couple of quick articles on science fiction and fantasy writing, then a list of a few of my writers' SF or fantasy success stories. I look forward to hearing from you about your project!

Steps to Writing an SF or Fantasy Book
(and what a publisher looks for!)

Establish your main character's goals early in a story. Both science fiction and fantasy are great places for universal themes and universe-shattering consequences. Yet all-too-human personal goals need to be established as well.

Create formidable obstacles and setbacks along your character's path. Include both inner conflicts that plague the main characters and outer conflicts that keep them on their toes.

Friends and Enemies:
Science fiction and fantasy novels, more than other genres, offer opportunities for important and pivotal relationships with other characters, human or otherwise.

Sense of Reality:
Make your setting and details totally believable. Make them such a natural and real part of your character's life that we sense this make-believe or futuristic world is real too.

Action alone will not hold a reader's attention. Human emotions, whether they involve gothic, medieval, space-age, or outer-space environments, or whether they are expressed by dragons or robots, are the backbone of what makes a speculative fiction story ring true to readers.

Becoming A Writer of Speculative Fiction:

1. Read, read, read!
Read the following as a minimum to get a feel for your genre:
      Read SF and fantasy books of the type you want to write.

2. Revise, revise, revise.
Create your alternate world realities using vivid and detailed specifics that will ring true for readers.

3. Get professional editing.
Yes, this is a plug for my services, but it is true: Professional editing services can help you grow as a writer in ways that studying books could never do. I take your own plot, characters, and ideas and review them with an eye to marketability. Then I address your own strengths and help you bolster your weaker spots to create the strong story that you want. Interested? Click here to see more about my services.

Fantasy Novels and SF Stories Written by My Clients:

Congratulations to Lara Fanning of Australia for publishing the SECOND in her trilogy.

In her original book of the series, "Red Fox," the world has grown hostile as environmental changes have caused massive problems and the new Biocentric government enforces a brutal "green" philosophy. In the process, Freya, a headstrong and determined young Australian woman, is separated from her family and interned in the most horrific of circumstances.

In her second book, "Red Fox, Silver Fox," Freya jeopardizes her freedom to return to the Biocentric’s evil world to rescue her family, even when the Beech Clan forbids her from leaving their secreted camp rainforest to search for them. New perils await as Freya and the Clan leader, haughty young man Kharanshu Delh, set out on their secret rescue mission. But a greater problem emerges: For a wild and violent side of Freya is becoming harder to keep dormant.

Lara Fanning pushes the boundaries of our current desire for "living with nature" to the extreme through the eyes of a woman who faces more than just her own survival. Fanning's writing is clear and crisp, using a central and emotionally-based point of view, as young Freya endures a future we can only hope none of us ever need to face.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Following the trend of dystopian fantasies, Lara's book includes both elements pertinent to our times, like climate change, as well as the ever-present human motives of power and greed. Great job, Lara!

Red Fox and now Red Fox, Silver Fox, are both available through Amazon as ebooks or paperbacks.

Fantasy novel editing

Science Fiction novel editing

Congratulations to Artsun Akopyan of Russia for publishing his science fiction novel, Survival Gene.

In 2060, Miami's Police Lieutenant Andrew Barkov arrests an illegal GMO scientist only to discover he is, himself, GMO-engineered. At the same time, an asteroid disrupts the earth's rotation causing volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis; all of civilization hangs in the balance. Then Andrew uncovers the World Government plot to populate Noah's House, a survival vehicle for the elite and wealthy, when they "re-start" the earth's rotation with a nuclear bomb. Can Andrew and his ragtag team of allies, stop nuclear devastation and outrun the GMO soldiers hot on their trail? Plus find a way to save mankind from certain death from the earth's geophysical cataclysm? And, even if he does, what kind of world will they all face?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Artsun's vision of the near future--2060--provides insights into environmental, political, scientific and human relationships gone awry. It was a pleasure working with Artsun and I look forward to his next book!

Survival Gene is now available as an ebook both on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Fantasy novel editing

Congratulations to Mark Grove on the first in his series of fantasy/adventure novels, The Serapis Fraktur: The Conglomerate Series (Volume 1).

In his enterprising series of adventures, Grove's main character, an antiques dealer from 2010, Charles Dawes, awakes from a dreadful car accident--450 years in the future! Add in intergalactic enterprises, time jumping, and a future version of terrorists, and you have a soul-inspiring and eye-opening look at the possibilities of mankind as Charles Dawes is faced with saving a world he barely comprehends.

His book is available through Amazon. Or read even more about it on CreateSpace.

Congratulations to Rod Hamon of Australia for achieving 26 published credits for his fantasy and science fiction short stories, in the U.S., U.K. and Australia!

Rod's long list of credits are a testament to consistently writing and persistently marketing. His list includes:

Key to the Portal (sci fi) in Static Movement Magazine (US); The Man Who Came from Nowhere (sci fi) Bewildering Stories Magazine (US); Does Mirror Matter Exist? non-fiction science article in the international magazine Nexus; Sabium Seriferbia (general fiction) in WeirdYear Magazine (US).

Add to this inclusion of his stories in books, like Hanging by Threads (US) and Nemonymous Nine (UK); and publication in numerous other magazines: This Mutual Life (Australia); Beyond the Rainbow literary magazine (Australia); Bewildering Stories Magazine (US); Twisted Tongue Magazine (UK); Golden Visions Magazine (US); Cat's Meow Magazine (US); and Abandoned Towers Magazine (US). 

EDITOR'S NOTE: It has been a pleasure working with Rod on several of his stories. His list continues to grow!

Fantasy novel editing

Fantasy novel editing

Congratulations to Tara Lee Lavelle for her publication of her first fantasy novel, Behold the Fountain of Youth.

Tara was inspired to write a fantasy novel that incorporates the true historical adventures of Juan Ponce de Leon for the elusive fountain of youth with man's continual struggles with time and with love. In her fantasy, the fountain is found--but found to harbor secrets that disrupt the natural balance of life and interfere with God's plan. The characters must then struggle to reach Florida and eventually the underwater world of Arcadia in order to set right the furor of unnatural demons they unwittingly unleased. Amid it all, the hope and promise of love lingers just beyond reach ...

Tara is now working on a book of short stories. See her Behold the Fountain of Youth on Amazon.

Congratulations to Donald Schneider of Philadelphia, PA who has just announced publication of his first story: "Pride's Prison." When a 12-year-old boy appears to be kidnapped, the reasons that unfold surprise the boy and reader alike. The story is currently featured in Issue 181 of Bewildering Stories. Click on "Issue 181," and then "Reader's Guide," to view the introduction the editor wrote for the piece.

Donald writes, "“While I was writing my story, I read in the newspaper of a thirteen-year-old boy who had taken his own life after suffering for years in school with the same sort of problems my young character does. Thus, my story is dedicated to the memory of that child, and to all who presently endure much the same--for whatever specific reasons--and are too ashamed and proud to ask for help, instead of desperately trying to hide it from their families and friends.

“Donald wrote, "Thank you again, Ms. Haven. The most important and valuable aspect of writing that I learned from you is how to recognize and eliminate excess verbiage and redundancies in expression. I remain most appreciative. Thank you very much."

Featured in Issue #181 of:
Fantasy short story editing

Fantasy editing services

Congratulations to Linda Silvas of Washington for Mama Bear Baby Bear, a Native American fantasy/fable, in which she presents a timely and thought-provoking work that cleverly addresses modern issues and touches on the center of the family circle . . . "The Family Circle has been broken," writes Silvas. "It is the elders (most of whom have been forgotten) that are stepping up. They are now the brick walls stopping and grabbing our neglected future generation, taking them by the hand and showing them the right path to take." Her book displays a unique talent for blending the elements of classic Native American storytelling with the topics that strike a chord across today's fast-paced society.

Mama Bear Baby Bear is a must-read for parents, grandparents, and anyone looking for an innovative approach to dealing with the intricacies of child-rearing. It is available through or see Linda's Web site

Eli P. Bernzweig of California wrote a philosophical/occult novel, A Death Interrupted: A Novel, which is his first published book.

In the book, David Elliott, a Washington Tribune editorial writer, gets the shock of his life when he receives an e-mail from Senta Trondson, his lifelong love--but she died three months earlier! Can this be real, or just a hoax? In this modern-day miracle/fantasy story, David's efforts stir unrest and resentment. Can he survive the fallout, including an attempt on his own life?

Check out more on his book at A Death Interrupted: A Novel through Amazon.

Editor's Note: Thanks, Eli, for the nice mention on your Acknowledgments page! It was a pleasure working with you.

Fantasy editing service

Short-story writer James B. Preston of Ontario, Canada, has recently had his fantasy stories published in The Canadian Authors Association's eighth anthology, Wordscape. It includes two of Preston's short stories: "For the Love of Snowshoe and Little Bear" and "Snowshoe's Wisdom and the Snow-Coloured Fox." He writes short stories of fantasy based on topics of nature as well as on Japanese fables.

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