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The BETA Workshop for:
Create a Sustainable Protagonist for a Series

But Wait!

You can STILL sign up on an Early Bird waiting list:
  • Pay nothing now (no obligation!)
  • Be the first to hear when the full workshop: "Create a Sustainable Protagonist for a Series" opens
  • Get a FREE "Successful Story Checklist" download NOW
  • And (drumroll, please!) get a FREE 20-minute phone consultation with me about YOUR book

    Click this link! --> Sign up NOW for YOUR Early Bird special benefits!

    -- Sandra Haven, Editor

Intensive Hands-on Virtual Workshop
Just for Series Writers
Starts: AUGUST 1st!

Is this you?

Fiction Editor
  • Do you wake in the night with ideas colliding about fascinating characters or a hot plot?
  • Do you ache to write it all down?
  • Do you love your protagonist - but worry if your readers will love him enough to buy Book 2 and 3 and beyond ?
  • Only YOU can write that unique story inside of you.
  • Your story needs a protagonist who stays fresh and fascinating in every book.
  • Your series of stories deserve to see print.
  • And YOU deserve to fulfill your dreams of seeing them in print!

Learn to avoid protagonist (and writer!) burn-out before your book series ends.

A protagonist in a series
is just like any character, right?


A protagonist in a series is one complicated guy or gal!

  • He has to pull the weight of SEVERAL books
  • It's not good enough to just have him show up in each book
  • It's not good enough to just "let the character grow" as you write
  • He needs to survive numerous encounters in every book of your series with lots of scars to show for it
  • He needs to thrive as the Big Conflicts loom heavy before him
  • And he needs to drive ALL your books in your series!

But maybe you say you know this . . .

Yet DOING all that is NOT easy, intuitive or taught.

Well, not until now!


After 24+ years of working one-on-one helping writers succeed with their series, I REALLY look forward to sharing so very much with you. (Click if you want more about my background or my writers' successes.)

So I am offering a 3-week, intensive hands-on virtual workshop: "Creating a Sustainable Protagonist in a Series" and all exercises will be BASED ON YOUR BOOK!

For this BETA workshop I'll need to limit the number of students, because I'll be providing lots of hands-on help for each student:

  • We'll be evaluating, expanding and specifically working on YOUR OWN protagonist
  • We'll work together in a VERY small group
  • I'll conduct weekly group calls so we can discuss the week's lesson
  • You will get weekly PDF lessons and exercises specifically geared to YOUR writing
  • I'll make two one-on-one calls with you alone, just to talk about your series and your protagonist
  • I'll send you a personal review and my comments on every exercise you submit
  • And I'll give you UNLIMITED email support!

The cost? Only $97 (you SAVE $100!)
Really? Yes - but here's the catch:

It is important to me to create a workshop that provides every student with the BEST learning experience.

So . . . I need YOUR feedback!

I'll ask all my BETA students to help me assess the workshop methods that work best.

You get more hands-on help and for a discounted price--I get feedback that I'll then use to tweak the workshop for LATER students (who will be paying $197 for the same information).

  • Sign-up now
  • Save money
  • Help me polish the techniques that work best
  • And create the protagonist YOU need to thrive through YOUR series!

Sign-up TODAY for this BETA Workshop
for only $97

(full course will be $197 after the completion of this BETA project)

Space is limited - only a few spots left!
Sign-up closes 10 p.m. Fri., July 29 - Workshop begins August 1st



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