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To Engage Your Readers:
What You MUST Do

You want--no, you NEED--readers to love your book, because writing success means people reading your book, loving it, and telling others.

You haven't got a chance of that kind of success unless you engage your readers and keep them engaged over the long haul.

The big question is how can you achieve this?

Plotting, characterization, and scene settings are important but a story must emotionally impact readers.

I can hear you asking:

"Will my story really impact readers?"

"Why would readers clamber to become MY fans?"

"They'll see I'm a new writer and slap the book closed!"

Fiction Editor

Don't worry! These feelings are common.

It's frightening to expect a total stranger to love what you've written.

Fortunately, there is a way you can grab your readers' attention . . . stroke their egos . . . and satisfy their reading appetites.

I've spent decades as an editor, seeing writers' frustrations and their struggles. In the process, I've discovered principles that ensure a story connects directly with readers without betraying the writer's original message and story concept.

I believe every writer deserves to know these Vital Facts. The writing principles I outline below are so powerful they will work for ANY writing style or market. This formula allows you to reach the right audience and make them your loyal fans.

In other words, write, but write SMART!

6 Vital Facts to Help You Connect With Your Readers

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Vital Fact #1: Be Unique

Your book deserves to be written. Period. An audience of readers is waiting for it.

No one else CAN write your book! No one else has the same ideas, tone, vision or experiences to create the fascinating world and message you have to offer.

--> Write your story to reflect your unique vision.

Vital Fact #2: Know Your Message

What's your story's unique message? You may think "I want to write a book to be famous and make money." But consider the in-your-gut urge that makes you write in the first place.

For instance, your deeper message might be that justice wins out, hardships can be overcome, or life is full of fun and surprises.

--> Define the REAL message within your story, polish it and make it shine.

Vital Fact #3: Know Your Audience

Readers are unique, too; determine the audience that will most appreciate what you write. What do your specific readers REALLY want?

For example, they may say a rip-roaring adventure, they may say an historical novel, or maybe they just want a laugh. Uncover and use their preferences to turn your readers into loyal fans.

--> Learn your readers' motivations for reading your specific genre.

Vital Fact #4: Understand Human Needs and Fears

People are propelled by five basic human needs:

  • Physical
  • Safety
  • Relationships
  • Esteem
  • Creativity
. . . and four fears plague their lives:
  • The Unknown
  • Failure
  • Suffering
  • Loss

Readers recognize these all-too-human issues and you can use them to draw readers into your story. Which of these needs and fears are demonstrated as important, immediate and personal? Are they integral to the plot? Do the problems grow with the story, inflaming the climax?

--> Understand the full implications of each need and fear to open a treasure trove of ways to engage your readers!

Vital Fact #5: Use Specific and Sensory Methods

Use specific details, and sensory and active wording, to vitalize your story. Every word counts!

Send generics packing--provide distinct images that instantly and directly connect to your readers.

Use ALL five senses! Give readers the sights, sounds, tastes, odors and touchy-feely descriptions that plunge them into your story.

Couple these techniques with your readers' needs, fears and motives, and you'll be ready to fulfill your readers' deepest desires and provide them with excitement and sighs of satisfaction.

--> Make a habit of writing with specific words and sensory descriptions.

Vital Fact #6: Enjoy the Ride!

Writing a book can be a thrilling experience! Period.

Okay, it is also scary and nerve-wracking and confusing. But I can get you beyond all that. Order my 75-page comprehensive guide, Make Your Readers Beg for "More!" to learn precisely HOW to accomplish these Vital Facts in YOUR story!

Grasp these techniques and you'll experience the ultimate satisfaction of bringing a story to life that will satisfy readers.

--> Enjoy the thrill of writing--it's a powerful journey!

Fiction Editor

Fiction Editor

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Avoid one of the biggest mistakes writers make:

Many writers don't grasp how crucial it is to connect their story directly to their readers' emotions.
Forget plots and plans--until you learn how to engage your reader!

Fiction Editor

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--Sandra Haven, Editor

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