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Fiction Editing Services

Writing a SF/Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense, or Memoir? You've come to the right place!
Get exactly what you need to start, develop or finish your book!

You deserve actionable tips and resources that don't waste your time or detour your efforts. I provide editing to fit YOUR specific needs. Whether you want a basic primer to get you going; an indepth program to help you finish and polish your complete or near complete book; or a personal writing coach, you'll find it here.

Fiction Editor
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"Write As We Go" Coaching Program

Have a work-in-progress? You can send me a few chapters at a time, so you can consider my suggestions as you write the following chapters. We work together as the story grows, letting you pick your own pace and pay as you go! Click here to find out more on this special program. Or click here to go directly to all editing fees info and details.

Fiction Editor

Publishing Success:

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Fiction Editor

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Why consider a fiction editing service? Why should you hire a writing coach? What will you gain if you consider professional fiction editing? Let me help you avoid the biggest mistake writers make. The fact is that 90% of book writers never edit their book even once! The result? A book manuscript that may please the writer but which will FALL SHORT OF THE MARKET'S NEEDS!

As a professional fiction manuscript editor (click here to see my background) I can help you grow as a writer and fit today's demanding fiction market. Yet the freshness and uniqueness of your voice should NEVER be compromised. My fiction editing service will provide you with professional plotting, characterization and technique standards geared to suit the expectations and needs of the publishing world. I also can be your writing coach as you develop skills as an author. In the process, I will protect your writer's voice and respect your ideas yet give your manuscript the professional edge it needs.

I specialize in science fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense, and YA and older children's books. (I do NOT edit horror, straight romance, or books with graphic violence or sexual content. The only books written for younger children I am now accepting are from previous clients.) Whether your book is only in the idea stage or fully written, e-mail me, so we can discuss your plans. Thanks for visiting! -- Sandra E. Haven, Fiction Editor


Clear and Upfront:
2 cents per manuscript word.
(I hate hunting on any web site to determine a fee, don't you?)

When I edit your manuscript or offer advice, my suggestions will ALWAYS be clear and upfront. For details, click here.

NOTE: An Initial Evaluation is charged at my normal fee rate because it is not a "sales pitch" letter, but a real and specific and detailed edit.

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Manuscript Editing Service

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